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Warhammer + Art Portal = :-D?

2009-09-06 14:07:23 by EcoNinja

Would it be possible to post painted warhammer pictures in the art portal under 'Other'?

A portal in space...

2009-06-20 03:41:05 by EcoNinja

Whats This? an Art Portal you say? Sounds fun.

NG Exclusive comic, by ME, Plz Leave Comments.

2009-05-24 14:34:09 by EcoNinja

REotCK is a comic drawn on flash and exported to fireworks, its just to let out my random side.

NG Exclusive comic, by ME, Plz Leave Comments.

WHY??? My Favorites are being blocked!?!?

2009-04-01 12:09:25 by EcoNinja

Why did they Block Portal Defenders? WHY??????????

Sausau Emo

2009-03-24 16:49:12 by EcoNinja

Have you seen this guy:
hes an emo
he should cut himself
comment if you agree


2008-10-31 12:21:29 by EcoNinja

no more deadlines, they will never come


2008-06-27 16:27:19 by EcoNinja

Lo Guys.

hopefully i will be making some good games soon enough


Comming soon...

2008-02-24 15:47:23 by EcoNinja

warhammer 40k animation with sprites is comming soon

New Idea

2008-02-06 14:29:12 by EcoNinja

New idea! new animation coming soon!


2008-01-27 08:39:01 by EcoNinja

Why The **** have all my ******* animations got blamed screw you blamers
how can wtf be a comment

i hate all who have blamed me